How to watch vr porn on oculus rift

Virtual reality pornography is here and people who view it are loving it. Many in the adult industry are calling virtual reality the future of smut. As it stands now, there are several different types of VR headsets a person can use. One of the most popular ones is the Oculus Rift. Anyone who has one and does not know how to use them to watch VR porn on them shouldn’t be afraid. That’s because it is very easy to look at VR porn using an Oculus Rift device.

In truth, VR porn has completely changed the way people look at adult content. It is unlike anything a person has ever experienced before. Part of the difference comes from the way characters come to life on a VR headset. Since the images are captured in 3D and 360-degree angles, the viewer feels as if the participants are right in front of them. In addition, virtual porn is immersive, interactive and allows you enter worlds that can make fetishes and fantasies come true; at least in the virtual reality prism.

Keep in mind that Oculus Rift does not have an adult section or promotes adult content. Still, you can bypass all of this by obtaining the viewer and downloading the VR content directly. To begin watching Oculus Rift porn, there are some steps you need to take. A VR viewer is required and has to be downloaded in order to watch virtual reality porn videos. At the same time, you also need to download the VR porn videos as well. Luckily, there are dozens of great adult sites offering all types of free VR porno. Some of the best ones are VRPorn, Pornhub, VRSumo and BadoinkVR. While the videos are free in some of the sites, downloading them requires that you sign up in most cases.

The hardest part you may have when it comes to looking at VR smut is deciding which videos to download. Adult sites have dozens of VR genres to choose from such as mature, teen, ebony, big tits, Latina, lesbian and several others. Additionally, there are also some VR porn videos that come in different angles or point of view. For the most part, the 180-POV is the most popular and widely used. Using that perspective will make the viewer feel as if the character is doing all the sex acts for him or her.

After you have downloaded whatever VR porn you selected, the next step is opening them up. Remember that the quality of the VR porn movies will vary. Most of the free VR porn videos are not that great in quality. Sites that charge for their videos tend to offer not only HD quality, but also full-length movies for their members. One of the best reasons for downloading the videos directly is avoiding the streaming process. That way you can bypass the buffering and having internet connection in order to view them.

Another option Oculus Rift owners have is using apps such as Sex Like Real VR. They allow you to see the movies without downloading them and directly from your headsets. Be sure that you lock all doors and have a spot where no one will interrupt you. Chances are once you begin watching porn on your device, your next step will be masturbating to it.