Best software for creating explainer videos

Explainer videos are one of the most effective and powerful marketing instruments around. Companies and individuals are using them because of what they deliver. You can reach a wider audience faster, easier and more successfully using an audiovisual explainer video. In case you want to make your own and are looking for tools to make beautiful explainer videos, this guide can help. Presently, there are numerous options you can use to create an explainer video.

The Explainer Video 411

Explainer videos are an instrument used to promote brands, products, services or just about anything you desire. Countless of businesses have been using the marketing tool for years now. Some of the audiovisual videos are animated. Others are created using live action, whiteboard methods or screencast.

The short videos are used to explain all about whatever it is you do or are selling. It could be a service, your website or a product. Since most of the explainer videos are fun and entertaining, people enjoy watching them. The best part about them is that you can advertise to viewers without appearing as if you are doing so.

How Explainer Videos Can Be Used To Communicate

There are millions of websites using explainer videos today. You see them daily on social media sites and YouTube. If you have a business, brand or product and are not using explainer videos, you may be losing out. They deliver unprecedented return on your investment and can go viral in an instant.

When it comes to communicating with potential clients, they are the most effective tool you can use. Many businesses or brands that were virtually unknown, experienced success right after creating an explainer video. Companies such as used explainer videos to promote their product. One of their explainer videos has almost 25 million views on YouTube already. Other companies experienced similar success with their explainer videos.

Tools For Making Your Explainer Video

When it comes to making your own explainer video, there are many powerful programs you can use. Some of the best software on the market to create them is not free though. You can still make explainer videos online without spending too much. You can also find some free explainer video software. However, these tools come with limitations and don’t offer all the features paid programs have. In addition, depending on your brand, product and targeted audience, you have to decided what is best for you. While low cost explainer videos are good for those just starting out, they may not be the best for companies trying to target a bigger audience.

Below are some of the best software or tools you can use to create awesome explainer videos yourself.

GoAnimate – This tool is very popular for people who are on a budget. Although it’s not free, you can make animated videos without spending too much. The platform is great for those just starting out and people who do not have too much experience making explainer videos. One of the best things about GoAnimate is that they offer users a free trial.

MySimpleShow – Most people that get into trying to make an explainer video for the first time, don’t have too much experience. The MySimpleShow software, is an excellent choice for such individuals. They have a drag and drop feature so you don’t have to paint or draw your own animations.

PowToon – The Powtoon program is one the most popular and used tools for creating explainer videos yourself. The powerful online software is free to use. It is also very simple and easy so you can create amazing animated explainer videos in no time.

Biteable – For those who want a simple explainer video maker, Biteable is the answer. This is an online tool so you don’t have to download any program or software. They have several plans, 2D and 3D animations and several useful features. In addition to creating explainer videos, you can also make infographics, presentations, intros, ads and much more.

Wideo – Wideo has over 80 templates to help you create explainer or promotional videos. That makes this platform an essential tool. Their interface which allows you to easily drag and drop items, which makes it simple to use. Within minutes, you can create an animated explainer video and begin to promote your brand or services.

Animaker – This online animation video making instrument is considered one of the best for those without too much experience in explainer video software. It is designed for users who are looking for do it yourself explainer videos platforms. Animaker has hundreds of characters and animations to choose from. They also have five different video styles you can select from.

There is no shortage of tools available for people who want to create an explainer video. You can also use the help of a video production service company such as SquareShip to assist you. The sooner you start to promote your product or service with an explainer video, the faster you can begin to take that brand to another level.

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