How to Create YouTube Videos for Your Channel

On September 20, 2017, Google discontinued it’s proprietary YouTube video editor, leaving users scrambling to find a suitable replacement so they may continue producing videos for their channels. In this article, we will discuss some free, and paid, alternatives to the YouTube Video editor, so you can begin making high-quality videos for your YouTube Channel.


Lightworks has been in use for more than 25 years and used during the production of films including Pulp fiction, Heat, The Wolf of Wall Street, and more. The interface is intuitive, though it may take some getting used to, and Lightworks supports the creation of 4k video. With Lightworks, you can merely piece together a short film, or introduce high-quality audio and video effects into your projects. However, the key seller is that Lightworks is free, and cross-platform. There is a paid version available too, and it’s a real game changer. Lightworks is available for OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Adobe Premiere

Used while producing Avatar, Deadpool, Superman Returns, Adobe Premiere is a powerful piece of software from the Adobe Creative Suite. It has a steep learning curve, and novice users may be overwhelmed by Adobe Premiere’s intimidating interface. Once you get the ball rolling towards learning the ins and outs, Premiere lives up to its namesake and reveals itself as a top-tier video editor. Adobe Premiere is available for Windows and OSX.

Sony Vegas

When it comes to amateur video editing, Sony Vegas is THE go-to software. It has single handily cornered the enthusiast market and is one of the most popular video editors for YouTube Editors. Some go as far as claiming that YouTube’s video editor was meant to act as a competition for it, but Vegas still managed to come out on top. The problem with Vegas is that no matter how hard you try, its made for amateurs, and will never yield the same results as one of its higher tier counterparts. Vegas is powerful though, and its simple interface is perfect for those who are just learning video editing. Vegas is available for Windows.


OpenShot is an open source video editor, with a simple interface that hides its real power. OpenShot renders animations, includes a broad swath of digital effect filters, has an advanced timeline, and supports unlimited audio tracks and video layers. OpenShot proves that you no longer need to be a masochist to use open source video editing software, though it does lack the support and comfort offered by its corporate counterparts. OpenShot is Available on Windows, Linux, and OS X.


Traditionally considered a 3D graphics suite, Blender also supports video editing. While it supports colour effects, filters, and transitions, Blenders’ true power lays in its ability to create and edit CGI/video composites. With Blender, users can create visual masterpieces, edit and add effects to live action videos, or even create a whole CGI film. Unlike many editors, Blender also allows for python scripting to help automate your process, and create custom tools. Blender is an opensource tool available for OS X, Linux and Windows.


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