Where To Find Music For Your YouTube Videos?

Lots of people are now using YouTube as a platform to not just express themselves and share what they’re passionate about whether it is in the form of art, music or DIY projects on videos; but most of them are actually making money off of it. These people are called YouTube creators.

If you’re one of them, then you might want to stick around to learn more about the proper way of uploading your videos containing music. Because let’s face it, your video material will not be complete without the right music or sound that’ll go with it.

It is crucial to know where to find the right music for your YouTube videos. Why? Because there is a huge chance that your videos can be taken down by YouTube itself if you are not aware of the licensing and legal publishing that involves with the music that you uploaded it with. Here are the best places on where to find music for your YouTube videos:

  1. Royalty-free Music Libraries: These are some places online where you can get access to songs, instrumental tracks and sample sounds that you can download without having to worry about royalty and licensing issues from the music owners. These music libraries offer these type of music to spare you the trouble of having to deal with copyright issues.

However, you must know that they might ask you to pay for a fee to get a full access to their library. It is worth it if you are regular YouTube vlogger (especially those who upload every day) because this saves you time and even money to get on with your video project.

  1. Creative Commons Music: This is another form of royalty-free music library only you will be required to credit the music owner properly. This means that proper attribution must be placed in your YouTube video description including the owner’s name and even links that go with it. Websites like www.creativecommons.org will help you get access to these types of music for your video.

You can easily find these sounds and music on Youtube’s audio library for free music as well. Check this link https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music and you’ll see a lot of free music that you can use both under YouTube’s free audio library and creative commons category.

  1. Soundcloud: This website holds a lot of music and most of the time are from independent artists who simply upload their work on this platform to get discovered, to promote their music or to just share them to gain a good following. You can use the music that you find in here BUT, you must contact the artist first and ask for their permission.

Usually, they will just tell you to link their music in your YouTube video description. It is like cutting a deal with them for a collaboration. Others might ask you to lease their music, which means you’ll have to pay them if you use their materials on your video.

So far, these are your best options if you want to put music on your YouTube videos without having to worry about getting in trouble with copyright claims. If you want a complete ownership of the songs that you put on your videos, you might also want to produce them yourself.

It won’t be hard now since lots of music production tools are already available for your creativity like Garageband on Mac, Ardour on Linux and Audacity on Windows. Most of these DAWs (digital audio workstation) that I mentioned are free so you can get started in learning how to produce music on your own. But then again, music production can take a lot of your time, which is why if you are in a hurry, the three options above are your best bet in putting music on your YouTube videos.

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